Be Careful

Keep Calm and Carry On
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After this weekend’s incidents, I’m actually quite terrified.

Not of the terrorists though. I mean, they have managed to take ineptness to levels only rivalled by our tennis players at Wimbledon. The first bomb-rigged car crashed and the second got towed away. The third at least managed to hurt someone, it just happened to be one of the bombers themselves. Meanwhile, in the past week seven people have died as a result of the floods. That’s right – our terrorists are so bad, that the rain is more lethal than they are.

Anyway, I’m not terrified of the terrorists. I’m terrified of Glaswegians. One of them punched a man in the face while he was on fire. He didn’t worry about getting burnt, or try to put the flames out or find someone with a hose – he just went in and lamped the bastard senseless. Chuck Norris – you can piss off, you’ve got nothing on these guys.

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  1. On arrival at the Royal Alexandra hospital in Paisley police said he was found to be wearing a ?suspect device? ? thought to be a suicide belt. The casualty ward was evacuated and hospital workers reported seeing a policeman run from the building and throw a ?belt-like? object into a cricket field.

    Bloody Scots. Just because they’re rubbish at cricket…

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