Social Media hotness

Armand tagged me for this, asking me for my top five social media websites. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but what the hell, it’s a Monday, so…

Alright, let’s get the first two out of the way. You all know about Facebook and Twitter already. No need to go on about them.

As for the other three, well there’s…

  • TrustedPlaces – now, there are some issues with the site. It’s a bit slow, it can be a bit tricky to search and the design is a bit of a Flickr ripoff. But it’s a nice idea, a review pubs/bars/restaurants site with some form of accountability since anonymous reviews are not allowed and thus the uncertainty over the authenticity of a review is removed.
  • 43 Things – make yourself a better person by publicly disclosing what you want to do to improve yourself. Admittedly, I don’t use this site enough, as most of those things just sit there. But I’ll get round to updating it one day and doing all 13 things on my list. Promise. :)
  • Yahoo! Pipes – admittedly I haven’t played with this that much, but when I have it’s been awesome. Take RSS feeds, filter them, clean up the URLs, merge or intersect them, cross-reference them with other RSS feeds and it’s really easy. No programming knowledge needed, though you do need to know the structure & workings of RSS a little bit, but some really lovely mashups are possible with this.

And there’s also the one (dis)honourable mention for Sickipedia, the B3ta collection of phenomenally offensive jokes which has now undergone a bit of a reworking and redesign to make it even easier to find the vilest and most disgustingly unpalatable jokes known to man.

Right, time to pass the baton on. I would tag other people but I don’t really like doing that sort of thing – instead I’ll just make it an open invite for anyone else to blog about their favourite social media sites.