The best diagram, in the world, ever

Northern Rock diagram

This diagram from the BBC, entitled “What’s Happening at Northern Rock?” is brilliantly vague and informationless; not just for its complete lack of information (how much money is flowing or not flowing?), nor the absence of other crucial factors (eg. assets, available liquidity, confidence) nor the misleadingness (the international money markets have been tanking, not wiped off the face of the earth) but also the heavy and seemingly obligatory usage of crap BBC stock photos (check out that piggy bank!). A masterpiece in non-communication.

One thought on “The best diagram, in the world, ever

  1. Yes. It really is Crap of the First Order. It caused much merriment at the buiding society head office where, erm, I write communications for staff.

    All it needs is:

    a) The cartoon tycoon from the Monopoly ads; and
    b) Some text along the lines of “big heap magic value paper no workum”.

    I was so crappy that I couldn’t grasp it myself at first. And that’s really something they’re paying me to do. I couldn’t even pinch it – what’s the world coming to when I can’t rip stuff from the Beeb website for my own use at work?

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