Eurostar – For Tomorrow

I don’t normally plug the stuff I do at work too much here, but on this occasion it’s a project I’ve been really well involved with for several months, so what the hell. For the past couple of months as a blog & social media expert I’ve been working closely with Eurostar, editing & adminning their dedicated blog & Flickr photostream as they cover their move to St Pancras International station. At first I was a bit shy from plugging it, but now that the project’s matured and has a good body of content under its belt, and given the praise it’s received, I think now’s the time to be a bit more bold about it – it’s a piece of work I am very proud of and, I hope, a case of a company getting blogging “right”. Today’s the last day Eurostar will be at Waterloo International before they move overnight to St Pancras, and as I’m off to take photos and blog the station’s closure, I thought now might be a good time to tell you to go take a look at it.

2 thoughts on “Eurostar – For Tomorrow

  1. Some well deserved praise there Chris. That’s certainly a great photostream and the blog doesn’t seem phoney or half-arsed as some corporate sites often do. I’m looking forward to travelling from St Pancras on Thursday.

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