Magazine-related moment of zen

Scientologists unable to comprehend basic mechanics

Scientologists love to spam my real-world postbox, thanks to a previous resident of my flat being a fan and subscribing to their newsletters (wanker). Hence the above which appeared today in my mail.

It disturbs me, mainly because it displays a worrying lack of knowledge of simple mechanics. The strapline beneath claims “the momentum is accelerating” – physically impossible given that it is mass that accelerates, not momentum (which as any fule know, is mass x velocity). Also since we are already at “FULL SPEED AHEAD!” and hence maximum velocity, the acceleration should be zero in any case.

Golden Age of Knowledge Indeed.

Luckily, today I also received a complimentary copy of WTF magazine, which is surely where karma meant for this nonsense to actually belong, but there must have been a bit of a mix-up:

WTF magazine

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