A quick del.icio.us lifehack

I love del.icio.us. I’ve been using it since, er, February 2005 and in that time I’ve built up (at latest count) 2,256 bookmarks. Only problem is that I tag a lot and have eclectic taste, so I have built up a stonking huge number of tags. So many so that that when I load my bookmarks page, there is a huge lag as it builds the list of tags in the sidebar (especially as it uses some JavaScript which knackers Firefox on my elderly laptop).

You can reduce the minimum number of posts a tag needs to have been on to be displayed, to 2 or 5, but even this isn’t that helpful – with the vast number of tags I have, it still takes too long. But then idly just now, I was looking at the URL that tells del.icio.us to set this number, and realised it’s just:


Can I just hack the URL to make whatever threshold I like then? It turns out I can, so:


now displays only the tags I (and anyone else) have used, on 20+ posts. Which is much more manageable and quick to load. Hurrah!

5 thoughts on “A quick del.icio.us lifehack

  1. Note that it also remembers your preference, so you don’t have to change your bookmark/re-enter the URL every time. It also applies it to any other delicious user’s page you visit. Neat.

  2. Don’t suppose you’ve got a “lifehack” for how to batch delete all bookmarks that have a particular tag, do you? I imported all of my FF bookmarks when I started, but had a *load* of junk in there that now hugely bloats my delicious bookmarks.

  3. Tim, I had a bit of a think – I thought you might be able to export, delete the offending items in a text editor, blank your account and re-import the trimmed list, but this can’t be done alas. You could perhaps try the del.icio.us director – http://johnvey.com/features/deliciousdirector/ – which looks like a good power user tool but having not played with it I don’t know.

  4. This is a great tip – it’s what I tell anybody who asks me for help with making their bookmarks page load extra-quickly. It gets saved in a cookie, so you’ll want to set it again when using a different browser or computer.

    Tim, the next version of Delicious will have a batch delete feature, so if you can wait a little while longer (we don’t have a release date yet), this will be easy.

  5. I discovered the del.icio.us API and pydelicious, and now have a script that can delete by tag. The only downside is that the API only allows you to delete one bookmark at a time, and to make calls at intervals of at least (about) 1 second. Despite pydelicious obeying that interval, it seems my script just got my IP banned – temporarily, I hope.

    Oh well, 100 down, 1100 to go…

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