About me

My name is Chris Applegate. I attended Corpus Christi College, Cambridge reading Computer Science. After graduating, for two years I worked for Cambridge University at CARET, as part of the University’s Aspiration-Raising project.

I then moved to Edinburgh to study an MSc in Science & Technology Studies at the University of Edinburgh, which concerns how science and technology are shaped by society, and how they in turn shape society themselves.

I finished my MSc in August 2005 and after stints doing web development at Jamkit and London Metropolitan University, I switched trades and moved into marketing & PR. Starting out in August 2006 at digital agency Outside Line, working in Web 2.0, social media and community marketing. In 2009, I moved to We Are Social, a specialist social media and conversation agency based in London, and spent three years there before moving to my current job at Google in 2012.

Where else I’m about

Be sure to check out my linklog on delicious or follow me on Twitter, as well as what I’ve been up to on Flickr and YouTube, or what I’ve been listening to on Last.fm or making on Wikipedia. Social network wise, I’m about on LinkedIn and Facebook – please note I’ll only friend-add you on Facebook if I’ve met you in real life first, though.

Contacting me

I used to have an email form here but it got spammed too often. However I’m relatively easy to get hold of via email at:

my email