Let's Thank Them

The Digital Economy Bill may have passed but you may want to help recognise the MPs who opposed its passing. Of the 49 who said No (47 plus 2 tellers), 34 (sorry, my mistake) 32 are standing in the forthcoming general election.

Here's a Google Map to help you find the one nearest to you. If you opposed the Digital Economy bill and want to say thank you, you may want to consider voting for them if they are your constituency MP (having made sure you are registered to vote in time for May 6).

Alternatively if you can't vote for them, but are a member of their party you may wish to consider helping them get re-elected by canvassing or volunteering for their campaign. It's your choice.

Note: This is for informative purposes only and not an endorsement of any specific candidate or political party for election. Idea from Tom. List of MPs from Hansard minus this list of standing-down MPs from Wikipedia (usual caveats apply). Data from TheyWorkForYou. Constituency names and loations are from the 2005 election, not 2010, and may be different from the current one - sorry, coded in a bit of a rush. If you have any feedback just ping me: @qwghlm on Twitter