Overheard on the Tube…

25 August 2003

Osama Bin Laden is like the Tupac Shakur of the terrorist world. He’s dead, but they keep re-releasing old statements of his.

The top 10 things themanwhofellasleep overhears on the Tube every week. Inspired.

I am back in the UK, by the way. The Baltics were very nice. More on them soon.

…and now in Vilnius

17 August 2003

Now in Vilnius. It’s very pretty. I thoroughly recommend it.

Sorry for the poor quality of these messages, they will improve once I get back to England.

Hello from Riga

10 August 2003

Hi people.

In Riga, the capital of Latvia, at the moment.

Sorry about the site being down, it’s all the SRCF’s fault.

Some git’s website gets relaunched

30 July 2003

qwghlm.co.uk is back. But you know that already, since you’re reading this…

First British train breaks the 200 mph barrier

30 July 2003

Wow. Fast trains in Britain? What next?

I find this news strangely disturbing. The fact we’ve been restrictred to slower trains than the continent for so long and the general decrepit state of our railways these days, it seems quite frightening that we have actually now got a rail line as fast as our European friends have.

This could be the start of a high-speed revolution in British railways that finally overturns the supremacy of the car…well, maybe not.

Hipster Bingo

28 July 2003

The next time you are in Hoxton, take one of these along with you…

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