When it’s 9pm in New York, it’s 2005 in England

Last night I watched “A Tale of Two Cities”, the first episode of the third series of LOST, and I am now crestfallen. Not because of the quality of the episode (it was pretty good, especially the intro) but because I have no-one else to talk to about it today and rave on about it. It won’t get shown on British TV screens till well into 2007, which is just dumb. The lag between screening television programmes in the US & UK is ridiculously long, especially in the internet age, and especially with an established series such as LOST (you can see them not wanting to gamble with the first series, but the second and third as well?)

5 thoughts on “When it’s 9pm in New York, it’s 2005 in England

  1. Have Channel 4 said anything specific about the return of Lost? I understand that in the States they’re going to show six episodes then turn the timeslot over to a new show before Lost returns in the new year. I’m holding on to the hope that Channel 4/E4 will show the six episode mini-arc fairly promptly, just to keep us all interested.

    (I find that the pleasure of chatting with friends between episodes, speculating about what you’ve just seen and what have you, is half the fun with Lost. That’s one more good reason not to download episodes in advance of the UK run.)

  2. I saw it too! Really wasn’t expecting that, when it panned out and showed ‘the bigger picture’. Makes you wonder why previous explorations didn’t lead that far… hmmm. Looking forward to the next five episodes and then the long wait until February.

  3. Could it be something to do with their anticipation of how the fanbase will react? the new series of Battlestar Galatica is apparently coming on sooner than was anticipated in the UK (screened on Friday in the US) as they know fans will just download the whole series online otherwise, whereas presumably Lost’s fanbase is bigger and less bittorrent savvy? I dunno…

  4. The biggest problem is American network’s insane attitude to scheduling. Due to the unique way Nielsen is totally incompetent, they only measure the ratings for shows occasionally, so everybody just shows repeats when they’re not, even though it’s halfway through a season.

    Lost is worse than most now for delay to the UK, but for most big shows now, we might start months later, but come the end of the series we’re only a few weeks behind the US. I give up downloading most things around episode 16, because I might as well just watch them on proper TV.

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