How to win friends and influence people

For years, as first an amateur geek, later a half-decent blogger and later still a professional geek posing as a marketing wonk, my thoughts on what makes you popular online were – be inventive, always be interesting, chat to your audience and always bear them in mind, and above all strive to not be formulaic nor mimic everyone else, and you’d have a happy appreciative audience and become popular and influential.

Then today I found how to actually win an audience:

Take an idea you had while hungover on Twitter and mock up photos of a Neo-Nazi gutbucket in the style of LOLCATS.

The result? All of a sudden everyone (even Techcrunch) links to your hastily-built collection of LOLworthy pictures. Jesus – it’s not even proper Web 2.0 (if it was, it’d be on Tumblr).

OK, snark apart, LOLGRIFFIN was a lot of fun to do. Out of the ones I made, this is my fave and this a close second. Many of the other good ones are not my wor, but from contributors who’d rather stay anonymous. Having not been around on the blog scene for a bit, it’s nice getting some attention again – a la the Daily Mail headline generator – and it will spur me to write a bit more often. So to 20 or so people who added me on Twitter and the few who checked out this site as a result, thank you, and to the five people or so who still subscribe to this blog: this shall spur me on to write more in the very near future. Promise. Proper promise. This time. I swear.

(No seriously guys this time I mean it. Tomorrow hear me rant about discuss exactly what it is that connects Bill Clinton, bacon and Donald Knuth. Of sorts. With swears. Just like the old days. I promise.

Followup: Oh my Gawd, Sunny, David T and Bob Piper all found it too. It’s like 2005 when I was last a blogger of some import, all over again.

Update (21/11): I’m so sorry. I couldn’t resist. Perhaps the first example of where using Hitler isn’t inappropriate for this kind of video.

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