Housekeeping: RSS feeds

I’ve been off sick with something halfway between man flu and full-on killer flu, and while I did so I idly set about upgrading little bits of the blog backend here and there, including moving my RSS feeds over to Feedburner. There are now four different feeds for the site; the default is blog posts only, in full text. You can also subscribe to an uberfeed that includes my delicious and Flickr accounts for people who’d rather not subscribe to all three separately. For for those of you who like RSS posts as summaries (why?) then there’s also a summary feed. And finally there’s also a comments feed with which you can keep track of comments & banter here.

The transition to Feedburner is automatically handled thanks to plugins so there’s no need to change your feed reader settings if you’re an existing subscriber. Some of you who subscribe to my RSS feed may have got the uberfeed by mistake for a short while last night – apologies, it’s been set back to the default now.

Right that’s it, housekeeping message over.