When’s My… Anything

Last year I introduced a service called @whensmybus, a Twitter bot that you could ask for real-time bus times from anywhere in London. It proved to be a little bot cult hit, and in time I’ve expanded it from a simple “one bus please” service to handle natural language parsing, multiple routes, direct messages and the like.

But people don’t just take buses in London. They also take the Tube. And so it only seems fair to build a sister service for @whensmybus for the subterranean-inclined. So, introducing… @whensmytube. It does the exact same thing – taking advantage of Twitter’s realtime and geolocation capabilities and mashing them up with TfL’s open APIs to give you live Tube departure times for nearly any station on the Underground. Just Tweet:

@whensmytube Central Line

with a GPS-enabled Tweet, or:

@whensmytube Central Line from Liverpool Street

with an ordinary Tweet. More information and a full description of its abilities and how to use it are available here. Please use it! And break it! It’s still in beta, and any feedback would be much appreciated, thank you.

But, hang on. That’s not all! There’s not just the Tube in London. There’s also my beloved Docklands Light Railway. And it would be cruel to leave it out. So have two for the price of one – if you’re a DLR lover, please try @whensmyDLR for size as well:

@whensmytube DLR

with a GPS-enabled Tweet, or:

@whensmytube DLR from Poplar

with an ordinary Tweet. Like its Tube and bus counterparts, it’s reasonably flexible, so please check out out the help page. And please give any feedback you can, thank you!